INSECTA: Unexpected Beginnings

Insecta Design!INSECTA is a young adult novel for ages 9+ to adults.  Anyone who enjoyed reading Harry Potter/The Hobbit can read Insecta.  Insecta breaks the mold of Walt Disney/Pixar’s Bug’s Life or Antz.

With over two hundred and fifty million years of insect history, science, lore and stories to draw upon, “Insecta: Unexpected Beginnings” is a brilliantly realized work of fiction, a classic quest story of insect high adventure, survival, friendship and courage.    Insecta, Unexpected Beginnings is book one in the Insecta trilogy….READ MORE

Youtube-Logo Where to BUY INSECTA.  Fans of the Harry Potter series /The Hobbit will enjoy Insecta: FOLLOW US!

3 responses to “INSECTA: Unexpected Beginnings

  1. Kasia Luckevich

    is it finally published?

  2. D'mitri Moisseev

    When will this become available as an audio book?

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