ABOUT Insecta: Unexpected Beginnings

Insecta….The book follows young Antime, a brave and determined ant who, when suddenly separated from his Amazonia colony, sets out on a journey filled with riddles, secrets and magic to discover the secrets of his identity and how to save his threatened colony.

Antime finds that the jungle’s forest floor is paved with unexpected friends and enemies. His adventures take him to places he never imagined, like the mysterious and enchanting Fogwood Forest, and introduce him to esteemed insects such as their majesties King Beeltor of the Beetles and Queen Bumble of the Bees.

But as his trek continues, Antime slowly grasps that the dangers shrouded in Amazonia could overtake the whole of his world with the threat of catastrophic Insect Wars.


About the Author


DJ Bartolini lives in Oakville, Ontario. He is an Author, Entrepreneur, and University of Toronto Instructor.

Bartolini wrote Insecta in the Muskokas over a decade, while taking a break away from his busy life as an executive with two major Canadian retailers.

DJ is also a business instructor at the University of Toronto.

*Portion of proceeds from Insecta will go to cancer research (as seen by the pink ribbon on the book cover).


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